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  • Our Vision

    We believe in supporting the best students, residents and faculty collaborators that are passionate about improving the lives of patients with challenging neurological conditions. There's a lot to learn and together we can make a dramatic impact by participating in translational research (that actually translates), understanding the health economics of various conditions and helping develop new innovations that advance our current standard of care.

  • Research Programs


    Developing Targeted CSF-based Therapeutics

    Neurapheresis is a platform technology that Dr. Lad helped invent. It focuses on targeted removal of pathogens (cells, antibodies, cytokines, etc.) from the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as well as the ability to circulate targeted therapeutics. It is currently in human clinical trials, with a number of pre-clinical studies for new indications underway at Duke, in collaboration with industry partners.

    More info at:

    Duke Neuro-Outcomes Program

    Understanding Ways to Improve U.S. Healthcare Economics

    The Duke Neuro-Outcomes Program leverages the best methods, approaches and datasets to help address key clinical research questions that impact patients with neurological disorders. More info at:

    Duke Neurosurgical Innovation Program (DNIP)

    Educating and Empowering Health Technology Innovators

    The Duke Neurosurgical Innovation Program (NeuroInnovations) has been developed to help medical technology innovators identify important clinical needs, invent new medical technologies and implement these advances in patient care. It has now scaled beyond Neurosurgery to other specialties across the Duke University Medical Center and called the FastTrack Medical Device Translator. More info at:

  • Meet Our Team

    We always strive for the best.

    Nandan Lad

    Principal Investigator

    Dr. Lad did his MD and PhD at Chicago Medical School and his neurosurgical residency and fellowships in surgical innovation and functional neurosurgery at Stanford University. He joined the Duke faculty in 2011 and is a neurosurgeon with a focus in neuromodulation and neurorestoration.

    Research Administration

    Research Leads/Mentors

    Charles Giamberardino, MS

    Kelly Franke, RVT

    Beth Parente, PA-C

    Allison Spell, CCRP

    Gap Year/Post-Bacc


    Kim Boua, BS

    Choiselle Marius, BS

    Medical Students


    Lefko Charalambous, MS3

    Syed Adil, MS3

    Sarah Hodges, MS4

    Charis Spears, MS4

    Musa Kiyani, MS4 (Duke-NUS)

    Graduate Students/Post-Grad


    Katie Carroll, MS

    Shweta Shrikant, MS

    Chuck Geddie, MS

  • Lad Lab Alumni

     Our diverse, multidisciplinary team combines passion, creativity and dedication.

    Year - Former Undergrads- Current Position

    2019- Katelyn Ripple - Medical Student @ Univ of Pittsburgh

    2019- George De Castro - Medical Student @ Vanderbilt

    2018- Tiffany Ejikeme - Medical Student @ Case Western

    2018- Andrew Bartuska- Medical Student @ Harvard

    2018- Gordon Smilnak- Medical Student @ Northwestern

    2016- Drew Cutshaw- Medical Student @ UNC Chapel Hill

    2016- Caroline Tybout- Medical Student @ UNC Chapel Hill

    2016- Aly Premji- Medical Student @ Univ Tennessee

    2016- Anastasia Hunt- Medical Student @ Univ Colorado





    Year - Former Med Students- Current Position

    2019- Robert Gramer- Neurosurgery Resident @ Harvard

    2018- Hanna Kemeny- Neurosurgery Resident @ Northwestern

    2017 - Aladine Elsamadicy- Neurosurgery Resident @ Yale

    2016- Syed Hussaini- Internal Medicine @ Duke

    2015- Kelly Murphy- Neurosurgery Resident @ Duke

    2015- Jing Han- General Surgery Resident @ The Ohio State

    2014- Harrison Farber- Neurosurgery Resident @ Barrow

    2014- Frank Petraglia III- Radiology Resident-Neurorads @ WashU

    2013- Terence Verla- Neurosurgery Resident @ Baylor

    2013- Michael DeLong- Plastic Surgery Resident @ UCLA

    2012- Kevin Huang- Neurosurgery Resident @ Brigham

    2012- Jacob Bagley- Neurosurgery Resident @ OHSU


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    A gift to 'The Lad Lab' will support our Research Programs: Neurapheresis, Neuro-Outcomes and NeuroInnovations.
    If you would like to make a donation to for this purpose, please contact:

    Holli Gall
    Medical Center Development
    Phone: 919.385.2406
    Email: holli.gall@duke.edu



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